Gerard P. Kuiper Prize in Planetary Sciences

The Gerard P. Kuiper Prize (“Kuiper Prize”) recognizes and honors outstanding contributors to planetary science.  Criteria for consideration and selection include but are not limited to:

1. Innovative and creative nature of the candidate’s work:  Research activities by candidates for the Kuiper prize provide insights or professional applications that influenced the state of the art of their area of expertise, and influenced how other scientists approach this topic as evidenced by publications that are widely recognized as being influential (e.g., citations, acceptance at conferences and by the science community).

2. Leadership in the field:  The candidate is engaged in the broader research community and is committed to professional development at a broad level, including holding leadership positions, active in professional societies, and engaged in public outreach and national media.

3. Collaboration:  The candidate has made significant contributions to research, forms collaborations with colleagues, and mentors students and post docs.

4. Ethics: The candidate for nomination is expected to follow the AAS Code of Ethics ( and the nomination letter should include a statement to that effect.

For additional Nomination information, see also here

The Kuiper Prize will consist of a certificate and a citation, accompanied (except for a posthumous recipient) by a cash award, in an amount to be determined by the DPS Committee.

The recipient of the Kuiper Prize will be invited to present a lecture on a subject of their choosing. This lecture will normally be given at a DPS meeting, but an alternate venue may be arranged by the recipient and the DPS Committee. The recipient will also be invited to publish a written version of the Kuiper Prize lecture.

All DPS members are encouraged to submit nominations for the Kuiper Prize.

Kuiper Prize Winners

2022Bonnie Buratti
2021Therese Encrenaz
2020Wing-Huen Ip
2019Maria Zuber
2018Julio Ángel Fernández Alves
2017Margaret Kivelson
2016Stanton Peale
2015Yuk Yung
2014Peter Gierasch
2013Joseph Veverka
2012Darrell Strobel
2011William Ward
2010Jeffrey N. Cuzzi
2009Tobias C. Owen
2008Michael A’Hearn
2007Andrew P. Ingersoll
2006Dale P. Cruikshank
2005William Hubbard
2004Carle M. Pieters
2003Steven J. Ostro
2002Eberhard Grün
2001Bruce Hapke
2000Conway B. Leovy
1999Armand H. Delsemme
1998Carl E. Sagan
1997Irwin I. Shapiro
1996Barney J. Conrath
1995Michael J. Belton
1994James A. Van Allen
1993James R. Arnold
1992Peter Goldreich
1991Edward Anders
1990Viktor S. Safronov
1989James B. Pollack
1988Rudolf A. Hanel
1987Donald M. Hunten
1986George W. Wetherill
1985Fred L. Whipple
1984Eugene M. Shoemaker