Harold Masursky Award for Meritorious Service to Planetary Science

The Harold Masursky Award for Meritorious Service to Planetary Science (“Masursky Award”) recognizes and honors individuals who have rendered outstanding service to planetary science and exploration through – but not limited to – engineering, managerial, programmatic, editorial, or public service activities. Criteria for consideration and selection include but are not limited to:

1. Innovative and creative nature of service: The candidate’s service should exhibit depth and/or breadth, and be recognized as beneficial and influential to the community.  The candidate should exhibit ingenuity and resourcefulness in influencing how planetary science is conducted, going above and beyond to further the field as to warrant special recognition. 

2. Significance of service: The significance of the candidate’s service activities to the field should be demonstrated by evidence of success, wide reach, and/or a long-lasting impact on the community. 

3. Ethics: The candidate for nomination is expected to follow the AAS Code of Ethics (https://aas.org/policies/ethics) and the nomination letter should include a statement to that effect. 

For additional Nomination information, see also here

The Masursky Award will consist of a certificate and (except for a posthumous recipient) a cash award, in an amount to be determined by the DPS Committee. The Masursky Award will normally be presented to the recipient at the annual meeting of the DPS.

All DPS members are encouraged to submit nominations for the Masursky Award.

A documentary in honor of Harold Masursky’s career is available here: https://youtu.be/h3EsZNaIQj4

Masursky Award Winners

2022Jim Green
2021Mark Showalter
2020Heidi Hammel
2019Phil Nicholson
2018Faith Vilas
2017Louise Prockter
2016Mark Sykes
2015Christina Richey
2014Athena Coustenis
2013Ronald Greeley
2012Susan Niebur
2011Benton C. Clark III
2010Alan Tokunaga
2009no award
2008Jon D. Giorgini
2007Tom Gehrels
2006Gentry Lee
2005J. Kelly Beatty
2004Alexander Basilevsky
2003Reta F. Beebe
2002no award
2001no award
2000Geroge E. Brown, Jr.
1999Wesley T. Huntress
1998Jurgen H. Rahe
1997John T. Trauger
1996William Quaide
1995William Brunk
1994Joseph A. Burns
1993Mildred S. Matthews
1992Harlan J. Smith
1991Carl Sagan