Trick Or Treat And Telescopes

Resources for the host observer:

The Night Sky Network has resources for amateur astronomers and backyard star parties!  Among their resources are the Universe Discovery Guides – Each Guide contains: a story about the month’s theme, a sky feature to observe, “Try This!” section, and one or more activities to explore the theme. Each Guide can be viewed on a computer in full color. You can also download a special “Red” edition of each Guide which features a red overlay to preserve your night vision. 

There’s one for each month, and October’s is Solar System themed!


Reminder about Event Conditions: 

You know how news reports always remind people not to look at the Sun during a solar eclipse? Keep in mind some tips for Halloween safety:

  1. After dark, but want to preserve night vision? Use red lights – keeps pedestrians visible to cars w/o ruining your ability to see the stars. If you’re on a busy roadway, consider a sign to let cars know folks might be gathered and be easily blinded by headlights.
  2. Big Costumes/Masks: some costumes will not be ideal for peering through an eyepiece. Have a space to take off and store cumbersome costumes while viewing.
  3. Sticky Fingers: candy is the best, except when it gets on your optics. Baby wipes or other hand-washing station will reduce the risk to your equipment.


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(No endorsement, just doing some brainstorming!) Plus, easy shopping list reminder when you’re at the store:

  • Mars bars
  • Milky Way
  • Moon Pies
  • Starburst
  • Orbit gum
  • Eclipse gum