DPS Environmental Affairs Subcommittee (DPSEAS)

The DPS Environmental Affairs Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing and setting overarching goals and policy for the involvement of the society in protecting the environment and counteracting climate change. The Subcommittee exists to promote and facilitate the involvement of any DPS member in environmental affairs, and to raise the level of understanding of the importance of scientist involvement in advocating green policies within the society.  New DPSEAS members are admitted by the existing subcommittee, subject to the approval of the DPS Committee. The subcommittee is happy to answer questions, hear comments, and point DPS Members towards resources for their involvement in environmental policy and advocacy; send them a message

Current DPSEAS Members

Matija CukChair
David Baker
Rosemary Killen
Tomas Kohout
Cassandra Lejoly
Emmanuel Lellouch
Jack LissauerPast Chair
Shannon Mackenzie
David Morrison
Anne Virkki Founding Chair