Past Icarus Editorial Board Members

Icarus Editors-in-Chief

Name Term
Alessandro Morbidelli 2021-Present
Rosaly Lopes 2018-2021
Phil Nicholson 1998-2018
Joe Burns 1980-1997
Carl Sagan 1975-1979

Icarus Editorial Board

Icarus affiliated with the DPS effective in January 1975, with Carl Sagan as editor-in-chief. Prior to that date, there was no Icarus Editorial Board. Since that time, there has been a board of six members, two appointed each year, serving staggered three-year terms, beginning in January and ending in December of the years as listed below. The protocol for selecting new members is that the Icarus editor-in-chief proposes two candidates to the DPS Committee. The committee chooses one of those, and proposes two candidates back to the editor-in-chief, who chooses one of those. The newly selected members take office in January of the year following their selection. 

The Icarus Editorial Board holds occasional meetings over the year to advise the Icarus editor-in-chief. The board helps to decide policy on Icarus paper solicitations, reviewing, and publication. This occasionally involves reading papers or grant applications. The Board is asked to evaluate and consider the needs of the community in making these decisions, as well as considering what will keep authorship and readership high. 

Following is the list of all members who have served on the editorial board, with years of service as defined above. In all cases, the year of appointment is the year preceding the year of start of service.

Name Term
Julie Brisset 2021-present
David Nesvorny 2021-present
Paul Hayne 2020-present
Mark Wieczorek 2020-present
Jani Radebaugh 2019-present
Joshua Emery 2019-present
Kevin Hand 2018-2020
Athena Coustenis 2018-2020
Apostolos Christou 2017-2019
Vicky Hansen 2017-2019
Zoë Leinhardt 2016-2018
Jason Soderblom 2016-2018
Nancy Chanover 2015-2017
John Stansberry 2015-2017
Gianrico Filacchione 2014-2016
Alex Hayes 2014-2016
Joe Harrington 2013-2015
Lucy Lim 2013-2015
Kevin Baines 2012-2014
Bonnie Buratti 2012-2014
Andrea Milani 2011-2013
Julie Castillo-Rogez 2011-2013
Ross A. Beyer 2010-2012
William F. Bottke 2010-2012
Amy Simon-Miller 2009-2011
Julie Moses 2009-2011
Bruno Sicardy 2008-2010
Janet Luhmann 2008-2010
Patrick Michel 2007-2009
Elizabeth (Zibby) Turtle 2007-2009
Darrell Strobel 2006-2008
Will Grundy 2006-2008
Elisabetta Dotto 2005-2007
Vikki Meadows 2005-2007
Robin Canup 2004-2006
Emmanuel Lellouch 2004-2006
John Spencer 2003-2005
Robert Nelson 2003-2005
Chris Russell 2002-2004
Daniela Lazzaro 2002-2004
Catherine deBergh 2001-2003
Faith Vilas 2001-2003
William Ward 2000-2002
Doug Hamilton 2000-2002
Andrea Carusi 1999-2001
Marc Buie 1999-2001
Ann Sprague 1998-2000
Antonella Barucci 1998-2000
Alfred McEwen 1997-1999
Todd Clancy 1997-1999
Philippe Lamy 1996-1998
Heidi Hammel 1996-1998
Hal Weaver 1995-1997
Paolo Farinella 1995-1997
Pat Cassen 1994-1996
Andy Ingersoll 1994-1996
Roger Yelle 1993-1995
Lucy McFadden 1993-1995
Bruno Sicardy 1992-1994
Roger Phillips 1992-1994
Stu Weidenschilling 1991-1993
Rick Binzel 1991-1993
Bob West 1990-1992
Imke de Pater 1990-1992
Morris Podolak 1989-1991
Bruce Jakosky 1989-1991
Bill McKinnon 1988-1990
Bill Hartmann 1988-1990
Gerry Schubert 1987-1989
Mike Belton 1987-1989
Eberhard Grun 1986-1988
Jeff Cuzzi 1986-1988
Carle Pieters 1985-1987
Paul D. Feldman 1985-1987
Dave Stevenson 1984-1986
Bob Millis 1984-1986
Glenn Orton 1983-1985
Andre Brahic 1983-1985
John Caldwell 1982-1984
Fraser Fanale 1982-1984
Laurel Wilkening 1981-1983
Joe Veverka 1981-1983
Sam Gulkis 1980-1982
Therese Encrenaz 1980-1982
Jim Pollack 1979-1981
Dale Cruikshank 1979-1981
Andy Ingersoll 1978-1980
Clark Chapman 1978-1980
V. Moroz 1977-1979
Bill Hubbard 1977-1979
Larry Trafton 1976-1978
Mike Carr 1976-1978
Gordon Pettengill 1975-1977
David Morrison 1975-1977
Mikhail Marov 1975-1976
Don Hunten 1975-1976
Peter Gierasch 1975
Bill Irvine 1975

Note: In 1977, there were DPS meetings in January and October, after which meetings have been held in the latter part of the year. Thus in 1977, two new members were selected at the January meeting, to start terms in January 1978, and no new members were selected at the October meeting, since the next terms of office would not start until January 1979.

Current Editorial Board Members