How To Get Involved

How to Get Involved

  • Learn about the policy process – One way to start is by reading this Guide to NASA’s Budget from the Planetary Society or take their free, online Space Advocacy 101 Course

  • Stay informed – One way to start is by reading the blog posts on the AAS Public Policy Pages. Lots more links to resources are below!

  • Talk to your representatives – Read our tips for doing this: Communicating With Congress

  • Share your thoughts and concerns with the DPS FRS (Federal Relations Subcommitte) – List of DPS Federal Relations Subcommittee Members

  • Join the DPS FRS! The FRS exists to inform DPS members about the timing and direction of budgetary decisions and to communicate the priorities of the DPS to government officials. Subcommittee member duties include participating in one or more Congressional Hill Visits per year, monthly telecons, and email conversations. To join: Contact the FRS Subcommittee



DPS FRS “Leave-Behinds”: One page (double sided) Summary Documents with Talking Points for Congressional Visits

Resources Specific to the NASA Planetary Science Budget

Friends of DPS and Related Resources on Advocacy and Policy

Editorials and Op-Eds


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