Metaversity is hiring Ph.Ds to teach in the Metaverse

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Current state: Approved and Notify DPS Secretary
Department: Space Sciences
City: Remote
State/Province: Remote
Country: Remote
Contact Person: Dr Trudi Hoogenboom
Contact Email: [email protected]
Institution: Metaversity
Application Due Date: Thursday, June 01 2023

Join the innovative school in the Metaverse where 13-18-year-old students learn disruptive technologies (Generative AI, 3D printing, Data Science, and all things Space related).

Our mission is to bring a world-class, transformative, future-focused enrichment education to students globally. We take pride in our collaborative, team-oriented environment with colleagues who deeply care about our mission. Metaversity is a fully remote company, and like our students, our team is global. We are hiring part-time faculty members from a vast range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. These are paid positions. 

The role: Teaching 5 x 1-hour classes per week. Classes are at the same time each day but each teacher has the flexibility to choose the time, the amount of classes you are able to teach each day, and for how many weeks. We operate in all time-zones. We have 2 pay scales depending on whether you create content or use ours. Classes start June 19 in our Metaverse classrooms.

Required: A Ph.D. in Planetary Science, Astrobiology, Data Science, or Satellite Engineering (or related fields).

Bonus points for any of the following (but NOT required)

1. Fluently speaking a foreign language

2. Prior experience using a VR headset e.g. Oculus (including games)

3. Prior experience teaching 13-18-year-olds (scientific outreach included)


Metaversity has been founded by Dr. Jim Green, Dr. Trudi Hoogenboom, and Wasim Ahmed


If interested, please fill out an application form at: