Geospatial Data & Web Applications Engineer

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Current state: Approved
Department: Intelligent Robotics Group
City: Mountain View
State/Province: California
Country: USA
Contact Person: Ross Beyer
Contact Email: [email protected]
Institution: NASA Ames Research Center, SGT, Inc.
Application Due Date: Saturday, June 01 2013
Web Link:

Want to help NASA map Mars, the Moon, and Earth? Want to bring NASA’s enormous wealth of planetary science and exploration data to a wide global audience? Want to help change the way planetary scientists collaborate and share their discoveries?

The NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group ( has an immediate opening for a full-time data engineer / software developer to help create next generation planetary data systems and automated geospatial processing pipelines. This is a high-profile, high-impact opportunity to co-develop software that will make a difference in how we explore space and communicate our discoveries to the general public

Applicants should hold a B.S. in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience) and have excellent software engineering and system development skills. Requirements:

– 2+ years experience managing data with a geospatial component.
– 3+ years experience with software application or web service development
– Expert level experience with Linux software development
– Fluency in Python or another dynamically typed programming language
– Deep experience in JavaScript development, including use of an MV* web application framework such as Backbone.js
– Experience with the KML Specification for geographic data visualization

Knowledge of the following is greatly preferred:
– A maps-oriented Javascript API (e.g. Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenLayers, or Leaflet)
– An MVC application framework (e.g. Django)
– RESTful Web service architecture
– Projecting and manipulating geospatial data using libraries such as GEOS, Proj4, and/or GDAL
– The OGC Web Mapping Service (WMS) standard

To apply, please send:
– a cover letter with the following information:
– Why are you interested in this position?
– Why are you well-suited for this position?
– Some detail on the type and scale of projects you have worked on and platforms, languages, libraries that you have used
– What software design / engineering methods are you familiar with? Note: if you have contributed to open-source projects, please provide URL(s).
– a detailed resume (PDF or text)
– contact details for two (or more) references

to Debbie Guzman <[email protected]>

The NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group (IRG, is dedicated to enabling humans and robots to explore and learn about extreme environments, remote locations, and uncharted worlds. IRG conducts applied research in a wide range of areas with an emphasis on robotics systems science and field testing. IRG’s expertise includes applied computer vision (navigation, planetary mapping, automated science support), interactive 3D user interfaces, robot software architecture, and planetary rovers.