Postdoc position in exoplanets

Current state: Review
Department: Department of Physics and Astronomy
City: Baton Rouge
State/Province: LA
Country: USA
Contact Person: Tabetha Boyajian
Contact Email: [email protected]
Institution: Louisiana State University
Application Due Date: Sunday, November 05 2023
Web Link:

Applicants are sought for a postdoctoral researcher position at Louisiana State University to work in the area of exoplanets/time-domain astronomy. The researcher will work within Professor Tabby Boyajian’s group on designing a science program for LUSTER (LUnar-based Survey for Time-domain Exoplanet Research).  LUSTER will use a small (~15-cm) imaging telescope attached to an upcoming lunar lander to provide near-continuous monitoring of transiting exoplanet host stars to perform transmission spectroscopy at near-UV wavelengths. 

Responsibilities: Generate the science requirements and flow-down, including a Science & Mission Traceability Matrix and other supporting analyses that enable the LUSTER (LUnar-based Survey for Time-domain Exoplanet Research) investigation; create a scientific target list and an observing plan according to potential mission launch dates and durations that are available in the launch timeframe;provide estimates of the data volume for determining in-space data processing, data storage and telemetry needs, and suitable data products; assist in the analysis of component test data, especially detector testing that will help define the data pipeline processing requirements and design (80%). The researcher will write up their work for publication in journals, present their work at conferences and collaboration meetings, and assist the preparation of proposals.  Additional duties include assisting in the supervision of graduate and undergraduate students (20%).