Newsletter 19-33

Issue 19-33, August 1, 2019










It is my pleasure to announce the results of the 2019 DPS elections.  The turnout

this year was outstanding as 41% of the membership voted in this election.  

Thank you to the DPS membership for their strong participation.


The proposed amendments to the DPS bylaws were approved by 96%. 

The DPS bylaws are now consistent with changes in the AAS bylaws.


Congratulations to Amy Mainzer, who is the incoming Vice-Chair and to Noemi

Pinilla-Alonso and Dana Hurley, incoming Committee members. These elected

members will begin their terms of service during the Members meeting on Tuesday

at the joint EPSC-DPS meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.


The Division for Planetary Sciences relies on volunteers for its leadership positions

and we thank all members who were willing to run for these elected positions.

Our division exists for the purpose of advancing all aspects of the investigation

of the Solar System and other planetary systems.  A special thanks to our

Nominating Subcommittee, Chair Yvonne Pendleton and members Carrie Nugent

and Matthew Knight, for assembling the 2019 slate of candidates, Secretary,

Anne Verbiscer, for running the elections and to the AAS for their technical support.


Linda Spilker

DPS Chair





For those who have made reservations through the EPSC-DPS 2019 meeting website,

here are the deadlines and policies for cancellation and payment:


Following the terms and conditions and in order to confirm your booking, we would

like to remind that your payment must be received no later than 16 August, 2019. 

Any room that has not been paid by this date will be cancelled automatically.

The payment can be made either online by credit card through the link received into

the email of confirmation of your hotel option (Visa, Mastercard and American 

Express) or via bank transfer.

If you do not want to confirm your option with us, simply ask us and we will cancel it.

For participants who already settled their stay, we would like to remind the 

cancellation and refund policy:



Any cancellation or modification must be made in writing to Symporg SA at

[email protected].
• Up to Friday, 2 August 2019: Your reservation can be cancelled without penalty;

any deposit will be refunded.

• From Saturday, 3 August to Friday, 16 August 2019: A penalty of 50% of the entire 

stay will be charged. In case the entire stay has been paid, the remaining balance will be refunded.

• From Saturday, 17 August 2019: The entire stay will be charged. This is also applicable 

to no-shows*, changes and/or early departure.

  *No-show: An expression indicating that a guest with a reservation has not checked-in 

on their confirmed date of arrival. 

No-show and/or early departure (reduction in duration of stay):
From Saturday, 16 August 2019, any alteration of your dates of stay will be invoiced

in case of shortening of stay, or/and early departure and in case of no-show. Your 

payment will be not refunded. 

Please be advised that all refunds will incur an administration fee of CHF 25.00. 
If you did the payment before August 16th, and if you cancel your booking until 

August 16th, therefore we will refund you with a deduction of CHF 25.00:
– If you cancel your booking until August 2, the payment of your booking is fully

refundable less CHF 25.00.
– If you cancel your booking between August 3 to August 16, the 50% of your 

payment will be refunded less CHF 25.00
– If you cancel your booking from August 17, no refund will be done in case of 

cancelation from this date.

Refunds are not automatic. In case you have an overpaid amount, please contact us.

Full terms and conditions are available here. Thank you, we remain at your entire 

disposal for any question you might have.

Best regards,

The accommodation team of the EPSC DPS Joint Meeting 2019



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Anne Verbiscer, DPS Secretary ([email protected]


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