Message From The FRS: Call To Action This Week – Please Contact Your Members Of Congress

This week we are asking each member of the DPS to contact his/her members of Congress to encourage strong support for planetary science. In Fiscal Year 2016 Congress appropriated $1.63B for planetary science and we want to be sure that the FY2017 appropriation is at least at that level. While we hope that Congress can pass appropriations in regular order it is likely that there will be a continuing resolution of some duration passed by the end of this fiscal year. There is a lot of uncertainty there but Congressional support for planetary science has been very strong in recent years; we want to encourage that to continue. Congress is currently in August recess so staff members are less busy with the day-to-day demands of the Hill. When Congress reconvenes in September there will be a lot of activity surrounding current events, getting an FY2017 appropriation together, and the election. So this coming week gives us an opportunity to get out a positive message regarding support for planetary science. 

For details of this call to action please go to 


and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Makenzie Lystrup, and please distribute through social media and other avenues!


28 Aug 2016