Message from the Chair: 2022 Election Results

It is my pleasure to announce the results of the 2022 DPS elections.

Congratulations to Carol Raymond, who is the incoming Vice-Chair, and to Shawn Brooks and Jennifer Hanley, the incoming Committee members, and to Samuel Myers, incoming Student Representative. These elected members will begin their terms of service after the Members Meeting at the 54th Annual DPS meeting in October.

The Vote on the changes to the DPS Bylaws as proposed was approved.

The Division for Planetary Sciences relies on volunteers for its leadership positions and we thank all members who were willing to run for these elected positions. A special thanks to our Nominating Subcommittee, Desiree Cotto-Figueroa, Alessondra Springmann, and Morgan Cable for assembling the 2022 slate of candidates, Secretary Maria Womack, for running the elections and to the AAS for their technical support.

Diana Blaney

DPS Chair