Message from the Chair: Key Activities During EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting; Lunch Bags Provided for Some Meetings

The week of the EPSC-DPS Joint meeting will be a busy one, filled with nine parallel science sessions each day and many interesting and exciting Community Events and Splinter Sessions.  See 


As a result of this very busy schedule, the typical plenary sessions, such as the DPS and EPSC business meetings, have been scheduled during the lunch breaks (12:00 – 13:30).  DPS and EPSC will provide lunch bags for attendees to make it easier for you to attend these events.  Food cannot be eaten in the conference rooms during the meetings, so the lunch bags will be distributed either before or after the meeting.  


A list of Community Events and Splinter Sessions that might be of interest to the DPS membership are given below.  Events with lunch bags provided are indicated with *.  




Sunday:  Icebreaker reception

Sun, 15 Sep, 15:30–17:30  CICG main hall




Monday (Plenary): Opening ceremony; EPSC and DPS Prize presentations;

Kuiper Prize Lecture, Urey Prize Lecture; Farinella Prize Lectures

Conveners: Jean-Pierre Lebreton, Linda Spilker, Stephane Udry, M. Cristina De Sanctis

Mon, 16 Sep, 10:15–13:00   Jupiter (Room 1)   Programme  

Kuiper Prize Lecture by Dr. Maria Zuber: “Inside the Moon Fifty Years after Apollo”: 11:30–11:55

Urey Lecture by Dr. Kelsi Singer: “New Horizons: Exploration of Distant Worlds in the Kuiper Belt”:  11:55–12:20

Farinella Prize Lectures by Drs. Scott Sheppard and Chad Trujillo: “Completing the Inventory of the Solar System”:  12:30-13:00

*150 lunch bags provided at end of meeting

Monday (Splinter):  Status Report on Planning for the Next Planetary Science Decadal Survey

Convener: David H. Smith

Mon, 16 Sep, 13:30–15:00    Saturn (Room 2)


Monday (Break): Celebration for The Planetary Science Journal, a new AAS-DPS Publication

Cakes and Bubbly

Mon, 16 Sep, 15:00 AAS Booth in the Exhibit Hall, #06





Tuesday (Lunchtime): DPS Members meeting

Convener: Linda Spilker

Tue, 17 Sep, 12:15–13:00   Jupiter (Room 1)

*200 lunch bags provided at end of meeting


Tuesday, Space Exploration night

Conveners: Jean-Pierre Lebreton, Linda Spilker

Tue, 17 Sep, 19:00–21:30   Jupiter (Room 1)

*Dinner sandwich buffet provided at 18:30 for meeting attendees




Wednesday (Lunchtime): Women in Planetary Science Discussion Hour

Convener: Kelsi Singer

Wed, 18 Sep, 12:00–13:15   Saturn (Room 2)

*Lunch bags provided to registered attendees at start of the time block


Wednesday (Evening): Social event (pre-registered attendees only)

Wed, 18 Sep, 19:00–21:30, La Brasserie des Halles de l’île


Wednesday (Evening):  Open Mic Night

Convener: Joseph Spitale

Wed, 18 Sep, 22:00–Thu, 19 Sep, 01:30, La Brasserie des Halles de l’île




Thursday (Lunchtime): Europlanet Society General Assembly

Conveners: Nigel Mason, Athena Coustenis

Thu, 19 Sep, 12:15–13:15  Jupiter (Room 1)

*100 lunch bags provided at end of meeting


Thursday (Evening): Division for Planetary Sciences Sagan Public Lecture

“Asteroid impacts and Spacepod” by Dr. Carrie Nugent

Thu, 19 Sep, 19:30–20:30, University DUFOUR (auditoire Piaget)


I look forward to seeing everyone in Geneva!


Linda Spilker

DPS Chair


9 Sep 2019