Edgard G. Yanovitskij 1937-2016

Edgard G. YanovitskijThe Ukrainian scientific community is very sad to announce the passing of Professor Edgard G. Yanovitskij on 23 June 2016. Dr. Yanovitskij spent his entire professional life as a leading researcher at the Main Astronomical Observatory of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences in Kyiv. As a prominent member of the famous Soviet school of radiative transfer founded by Academicians Viktor Ambartsumian and Viktor Sobolev, he had devoted most of his exemplary career to the study of radiative energy transport in planetary atmospheres and analyses of spectrophotometric observations of planets. His most profound accomplishments include the general analysis of principles of invariance, the analytical theory of radiative transfer in vertically inhomogeneous atmospheres, and the development of extremely efficient and numerically accurate computer solvers of the radiative transfer equation. His seminal contributions were summarized in the monograph on “Light Scattering in Inhomogeneous Atmospheres” published by Springer. For many years, Dr. Yanovitskij served as an Editorial Board Member for the “Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer” and “Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies.” His research accomplishments were celebrated by numerous professional awards, including the National Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology. The relatives, colleagues, and friends of Professor Edgard Yanovitsky will always remember him as an outstanding scientist and an exceptional human being.