DPS 2024 Elections Candidate Slate


The DPS Nominating Subcommittee has identified the following candidates for the 2024 DPS elections for Vice Chair, Committee, and Student Representative

Vice Chair (1 to be elected):

  • Anthony (Tony) Colaprete – NASA Ames Research Center
  • Scott Murchie – Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Committee (2 to be elected):

  • Conor Nixon –  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Hannah Jang-Condell – NASA Headquarters
  • Mariek Schmidt – Brock University, Canada
  • Takehiko Satoh –  Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Student Representative (1 to be elected):

  • A’Laura Hines – George Mason University
  • Andrew Shumway – University of Washington

Per the DPS Bylaws, additional candidates for Vice Chair, Committee, and Student Representative, supported by a petition of at least 20 DPS members, may be nominated by June 14th.  Please send any nominations to the DPS Secretary, Denise Stephens, at [email protected].

The DPS Committee thanks the members of the Nominating Subcommittee for their dedicated service to the DPS:

Morgan Cable (chair), Tim Livengood, and Jessica Noviello