DPS 2023 Elections Candidate Slate


The DPS Nominating Subcommittee has identified the following candidates for the 2023 DPS elections for Vice Chair and Committee.

Vice chair (1 to be elected):

Athena Coustenis – LESIA, Paris Observatory-PSL 

Walt Harris – University of Arizona LPL

Committee (2 to be elected):

Laura Woodney – CSU San Bernardino

Padma Yanamandra-Fisher – SSI

Parvathy Prem – JHUAPL

Steve Vance – JPL

Per the DPS Bylaws, additional candidates for Vice Chair and Committee, supported by a petition of at least 20 DPS members, may be nominated by June 8th. Please send any nominations to the DPS Secretary, Maria Womack, at [email protected].

The DPS Committee thanks the members of the Nominating Subcommittee for their dedicated service to the DPS:

Alessondra Springmann (Chair), Morgan Cable, Tim Livengood