DPS 2021 Elections Candidate Slate

Members of the DPS should have received their ballot by email on around 28 June.  If you need help please contact Diane Frendak at [email protected].


The DPS Nominating Subcommittee has identified the following candidates for the 2021 DPS elections for Vice Chair and Committee (the Student Representative is not open again until 2022).

Please read candidate information and statements in this pdf.


Vice Chair (1 to be elected):

  • Catherine Neish, U. of Western Ontario
  • Gonzalo Tancredi, UdelaR, Uruguay


Committee (2 to be elected):

  • Serina Diniega, JPL
  • Brian Jackson, Boise State U.
  • Joseph Masiero, Caltech/IPAC
  • Seth Jacobson, Michigan State U.


Per the DPS Bylaws, additional candidates for Vice Chair and Committee, supported by a petition of at least 20 DPS members, may be nominated by June 22nd. Please send any nominations to the DPS Secretary, Maria Womack, at [email protected].


The DPS Committee thanks the members of the Nominating Subcommittee for their dedicated service to the DPS:

  • Matthew Knight (Chair)
  • Desiree Cotto Figueroa
  • Alessondra Springmann


Last updated 28 June 2021