DPS 2016 Election Results

I know that you, like I, have been obsessively hitting ‘reload’ at fivethirtyeight.com to see the latest election predictions. Well, no more! The results of the DPS election are in.

I am pleased to announce that your new vice-chair-elect is Cathy Olkin, and that your new Committeemembers-elect are Catherine Neish and Britney Schmidt. Please join me in congratulating them for joining the DPS Leadership.

Thanks in equal measure are due to those who were willing to stand for election but who did not happen to win the day this year. I really like that our Bylaws require multiple candidates for each position:  it makes for elections that mean something. But it also means that each year we also pass over excellent people. Thanks to those candidates for running.

With our crop of fresh recruits, I am again renewed in my optimism about the future of our organization.  We will all be in good hands next year with Lucy McFadden as Chair and on into the future.

Jason W. Barnes
DPS Chair