Call For 2017 DPS Prize Nominations

Every year the DPS recognizes exceptional achievements in our field and nominations for this year’s prizes will be accepted until April 1, 2017. Detailed descriptions of each of the prizes and the criteria for nominees for each can be found at prizes. The nomination form and instructions can also be retrieved from prizes/nomination-form. Please contact [email protected] or the prize subcommittee ([email protected]) with questions. Being recognized by our colleagues for exceptional work is a great honor and inspires outstanding scientific research. Please take the time to recognize your colleagues for their exceptional work.

Anyone except current DPS Committee members may submit a nomination. A completed nomination will be retained and considered by the Prize Subcommittee for three years, or as long as the nominee is eligible, whichever is less. Past nominees may be re-nominated after the expiration of a prior nomination. For specific details, see the URL noted above.

Lucy McFadden
DPS Chair