Two Associate Editor Openings with Icarus

Detailed Description can be found here.

The role of Associate Editor, along with the Editor-in-Chief and other members of the Editorial Board of the Journal and Elsevier, is to manage the peer review process for manuscripts submitted to the journal using the online journal system.  The Associate Editor is empowered to make decisions autonomously on manuscripts but is also welcome (and expected) to seek the opinion of the wider editorial team.

The Associate Editor role entails:

  • Responsibility for the scientific content of the Journal within a specific area relating  to  the  Journal,  taking  into  account  the  Aims  and  Scope, the Publisher’s editorial policies as updated from time to time (including without limitation those on ethics in publishing at the Publisher’s website) and the editorial policy of the Journal. 
  • The evaluation and selection of articles for publication in the Journal that are consistent with the high standards of the journal.  This includes coordinating an objective and unbiased peer-review process for submitted Articles, obtaining a minimum of (2) reviews for each article, and will reject, or  return  for  revision  to  the  authors Articles  that  do  not  meet  the required standards of the Journal.
  • Ensuring an appropriate and sufficient level of submissions of Articles for publication to meet the publication goals of the Journal. If necessary, the Editor will solicit Articles to help meet such publication goals.
  • Conduct activities in accordance with generally accepted industry standards for integrity and objectivity in all matters respecting the selection, editing, acceptance and reviewing of Articles

Alongside the review process the Associate Editors are asked to periodically participate in discussions with Elsevier about the journal’s development and potential new initiatives.  The team of Editors will hold meetings approximately twice a year via video call, as well as in-person meetings in conjunction with certain events or training sessions, as required.

The applicants:

  •  Must have a PhD in a field of study relevant to the scope of this journal
  • Two positions for applicants who must have demonstrated broad expertise in either: terrestrial/super-Earth atmospheres, global circulation and climate models  OR giant planet atmospheres and interior models
  • Be knowledgeable in research publishing, managing a journal publication, the peer review process and in growing a journal
  • Demonstrate skills as a good collaborator with ability to lead a team effectively

Elsevier is committed to inclusion and diversity in our work and want the Journal to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We are therefore committed to ensuring that the Editorial Board is representative, and encourage all individuals interested to apply for a position with the board.

 Interested candidates are asked to provide a complete CV, including publication record, as well as a one-page summary of their relevant experience and area of expertise for this Associate Editor position by February 28, 2024.  Please include up to three references. 

Applications and relevant supporting documents must be sent to Christina Gifford, Publisher, [email protected].