University of Arizona

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Department: Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Size: Large
State/Province: AZ
Country: USA
Degrees Offered: Array
Minimum GPA: N/A
General GRE Required: No
Subject GRE Required: N/A
Recommendations: 3
Faculty: 33 tenure-track faculty + 5 non-tenure-track faculty
Students: 46
Admission Percentage: 12.2
Nearby Research Institutions: Planetary Science Institute; National Optical Astronomy Observatory; University of Arizona Depts. of Astronomy/Steward Observatory, Atmospheric Sciences, Geosciences; College of Optical Sciences; College of Engineering; Biosphere 2
Contact Email: [email protected]
Funding: Up to five (5) years of financial support towards completion of the Ph.D. (GRA or GTA)
Fall Application Deadline: 9 Dec
Spring Application Deadline:
Admissions URL:
DPS Members: 30
Planetary Researchers: 16
Notes: Applicants should have completed an undergraduate major in a physical science such as astronomy, atmospheric sciences, chemistry, geology, mathematics, or physics. However, admission is based on the overall demonstrated capability and preparation of the applicant.
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