Space Scientist, AST, Planetary Studies at the NASA Johnson Space Center

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Current state: Approved
Department: Astromaterials Research Office
City: Houston
State/Province: Texas
Country: USA
Institution: NASA Johnson Space Center
Application Due Date: Friday, December 13 2019
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The Astromaterials Research Office at the NASA Johnson Space Center                                                                  
(JSC) is seeking a civil service planetary scientist to perform                                                                      
world-class research on the origin and evolution of our Solar System                                                                 
and its planetary bodies through in situ high-spatial resolution                                                                     
isotopic measurements. This position involves leadership of a core                                                                   
analytical laboratory supporting directed astromaterials sample                                                                      
analysis research and mission support. The candidate will serve as                                                                   
the laboratory manager of the ARES NanoSIMS laboratory and is expected                                                               
to secure research funding through NASA R&A proposals, publish in                                                                    
peer-viewed publications, and manage the contractor staff supporting the                                                             
lab. Other duties include: collaboration with existing ARES scientists                                                               
and external partners in detailed isotopic studies of astromaterials,                                                                
support for human and robotic missions, and providing service to NASA                                                                
and the scientific community as required in their area of expertise                                                                  
(panel reviews, publication reviews, etc). US citizenship is required.                                                               
This position will open on December 9 and close at midnight December                                                                 
13. Applications are accepted through the USAJobs website:                                                                           
Please refer to the USAJobs website for additional specifics and                                                                     
requirements for this position. Direct questions to Dr. Lindsay Keller                                                               
([email protected] <