Research Scientist at Lockheed Martin

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Current state: Approved
Department: Deep Space Exploration
City: Littleton
State/Province: Colorado
Country: USA
Contact Person: Tim Linn / Beau Bierhaus
Contact Email: [email protected]
Institution: Lockheed Martin Space
Application Due Date: Friday, January 31 2020
Web Link:

Lockheed Martin Space seeks a Research Scientist to join teams that design, develop, and operate planetary missions and space-science instrumentation.  The Deep Space Exploration (DSE) directorate of Lockheed Martin has a long history of providingspacecraft and hardware solutions for many planetary missions, including missions to the Moon, Mars, asteroids, comets, and Jupiter. The Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is the research lab for LM Space, and within the ATC the Space Science and Instrumentation (SS&I) pursues fundamental space-science research and the development of prototype flight instruments and payloads. The successful candidate will play a key technical and leadership role in Planetary Science as part of these teams. The position is based in the Lockheed Martin facility in Littleton, CO.

More details are available at the following link:…

Please contact Tim Linn ([email protected]) and Beau Bierhaus ([email protected]) with any questions.