Research Scientist II – Laboratory Studies

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Current state: Approved and Notify DPS Secretary
Department: Laboratory Studies
City: Pasadena
State/Province: Ca
Country: USA
Contact Person: Jhertaune Huntley
Contact Email: [email protected]
Institution: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Application Due Date: Tuesday, May 05 2020
Web Link:


The Jet Propulsion Laboratory invites applications for a Scientist who will bring new expertise to and ensure continuity of existing capabilities at JPL in planetary science. The successful candidate will develop an independently funded research program, provide scientific leadership and support research conducted within the laboratory studies group. The candidate will publish in peer reviewed scientific journals, and present papers at scientific conferences.


  • PhD. degree in experimental chemistry or physics.
  • Demonstrated working knowledge at the forefront of experimental laboratory studies with direct planetary science applications (i.e, relevance to icy moons, Kuiper Belt Objects, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets, and solar system evolution).
  • Demonstrated experience with a range of relevant experimental techniques (e.g., matrix isolation, UV an IR spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy, temperature programmed desorption) and apparatus (e.g., cryogenic systems, UHV systems).
  • Demonstrated reputation as a productive researcher with a track record of publications in peer-reviewed journals.

The following qualifications are preferred:

  • 3-5 years of related post-doc experience.
  • History of writing successful external research funding proposals.
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of planning, execution, and analysis of astronomical observations.