Post-Doc Job Announcement

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Current state: Approved
City: Lakewood
State/Province: Colorado
Country: USA
Contact Person: Gregg Swayze
Contact Email: [email protected]
Institution: U.S. Geological Survey
Application Due Date: Monday, January 06 2020
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U.S. Geological Survey – Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program – Research Opp. #18-27. Evaluating mineral resources on Mars for exploration and colonization. Closing date: January 6, 2020. GS-12 two-year appointment. ┬áDuty station: Lakewood, Colorado, USA. Areas of Ph.D.: Geology, planetary geology, imaging spectroscopy, and mineral spectroscopy or related fields. The Denver Spectroscopy Group is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to conduct research focused on creating mineral maps of the Martian surface using orbital imaging spectrometer and broadband data emphasizing key minerals to pinpoint sites most favorable for habitat location. A related research topic involves spectrally mapping relict hydrothermal deposits to answer stubborn questions about their origin and where to focus future rover efforts to potentially discover evidence of past life. A research proposal is the most important part of the application package and will be evaluated by an expert panel. Applicants are strongly urged to coordinate the development of their proposal with the USGS research advisor (i.e., Gregg Swayze; [email protected]).…