Freelance Editors- Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

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Current state: Approved and Notify DPS Secretary
Department: Freelance Positions
City: No need to relocate.
State/Province: Participants from all across the world are invited to apply
Country: USA
Contact Person: Daniel Rosario
Contact Email: [email protected]
Institution: Cactus Communications
Application Due Date: Saturday, December 05 2015
Web Link:

Cactus Communications is a pioneer in language services, serving more than 60,000 clients across 116 countries. We employ a global team of highly skilled editors who are experts in various academic fields. We’re currently looking for specialist freelance copyeditors and substantive editors from all across the world.

What you will do

  • Edit manuscripts such that the final text is in standard scientific English and is free of unclear or unidiomatic sentences
  • Adhere to job-specific instructions and format manuscripts according to the target journal when required
  • Ensure that all subject-specific conventions are followed

Why this is a great opportunity

  • Flexibility to determine your schedule and work hours 
  • Potential to earn USD 1200 to 3000 per month (based on regular availability)
  • Additional fees of up to 20%
  • No need to relocate. As this is a freelance opportunity, we invite applicants from all across the world.

What you need

  • A Post Doc/PhD/Masters degree or expertise in one or more specialized subject areas in the Earth, Atmospheric or Planetary Sciences field [detailed subject-area list below]
  • Excellent English editing skill and attention to detail (prior editing experience would be great)

Cactus Communications has global subsidiaries and offers editing, translation, medical writing, and other services to researchers, academic journals, and organizations worldwide. We serve more than 60,000 clients across 116 countries and have extensive experience engaging our global community of 800+ freelancers.

Apply now!

To apply, fill in the application form here:

Detailed subject-area list:

Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences:

Atmospheric chemistry, Atmospheric science, Climate science, Cloud physics, Convective systems, tornadoes, and hurricanes, Geodesy, Geology, Geophysics, Hydrology, Meteorology, Petrology and mineralogy, Numerical weather prediction, Oceanography, Other – Earth, atmospheric, and planetary science, Remote sensing, Seismology and tectonics, Space and planetary science, Synoptic meteorology, Engineering geology, Geochemistry, Stratigraphy, Volcanology