DPS Eberhart Award Entry Form

Nominations for 2019 are due April 1, 2018.


Please fill out the entry form below and send it and all material to:

DPS Press Officer
[email protected]
Subject: Jonathan Eberhart Award Application


Any questions should be addressed to the DPS press officer at [email protected].

The Eberhart Award Entry Form is not a web form! Cut and paste into your favorite word processor.

Eberhart Award Entry Form

Author Name: _______________________________________________Author Affiliation: ________________________________________Author Email Address: ______________________________________Entry submitted by (name and e-mail address, if different from above):_____________________________________________________________________Date This Entry Form Submitted: _____________________________________In the case of multiple authors, please add below, the name(s),affiliations, and email addresses of all co-authors:Year of publication for submitted material: __________________________Title: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Where Published: _____________________________________________________Supporting Statement (optional; limit one page): May be written by the person submitting this entry form orsomeone else familiar with the circumstances under which the materialwas written, or familiar with (or included) in the scientific areadescribed.  It may be particularly helpful to describe the audiencefor the submitted material and the significance of the publication'simpact.Supporting statement submitted by (name and e-mail address, if different from above; may be submitted separately from this Entry Form):_____________________________________________________________________