Peter Gierasch 1940-2023

Peter Gierasch, a Cornell astronomer whose mathematical models unveiled the turbulent vortices, tempestuous eddies and atmospheric tumult arising on other worlds – long before spacecraft could consistently prove it with images – died Jan. 20 in Ithaca. He was 82. Gierasch, a professor emeritus of astronomy in the College of Arts and Sciences, contributed to a wealth of knowledge on the processes of planetary atmospheres – specifically Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. He served as a team scientist on the Viking, Pioneer, Voyager, Galileo and Cassini missions for NASA.

The above is an excerpt from a longer story describing Peter’s professional contributions and other remembrances by Blaine Friedlander. See below for the full article. 

Here is a listing to his AAS DPS 2014 Kuiper Prize citation: prizes/2014