Message from the Chair : DPS 49 Recap and Reminder to Fill Out the Exit Survey

We had a great DPS last month. We had more than 800 registered attendees at the meeting which exceeded our expected number of attendees. There was a great scientific program thanks to all of you sharing your scientific results and thanks to the hard work by the Science Organizing Committee led by David O’Brien. The Local Organizing Committee led by Jani Radebaugh put together fun activities like the geology field trip and the banquet. Thank you, Jani and the LOC!

We also continued our tradition of having a plenary speaker addressing issues of inclusiveness. This year the PCCS arranged a talk about microagression by Dr. William Smith (University of Utah). Dr. Smith went above and beyond by presenting his research area and contextualizing it for our community of planetary science. Thanks for a really informative and engaging talk, Dr. Smith.

Photo courtesy of: Henry Throop

We are looking ahead to next year’s DPS meeting and we want to hear from you about this year’s meeting. Please fill out the survey about the 49th annual DPS meeting. The link was sent to attendees in an email from the American Astronomical Society on October 23rd. We want to hear from you!

Cathy Olkin

DPS Chair

November 5, 2017