Guidelines for DPS Sponsorship of Meetings

DPS is occasionally approached about sponsoring another organization’s meetings or receptions, or topical meetings. DPS will offer these sponsorships if there is a tangible benefit to the DPS from the sponsorship. These benefits include outreach to and visibility within a segment of planetary scientists that are underrepresented in DPS (with the hope that members will be gained); visibility within an area of interest to DPS (e.g., exoplanets, planetary geology; meteoritics); and promoting the presence of planetary scientists within an umbrella group (such as AGU).  There should be reciprocal sponsorship if possible. Examples of appropriate sponsorships include a lunchtime seminar or topical lunch: special sessions or lectures including public talks; and planetary-focused receptions within a larger society.

All requests for sponsorship must come in the form of a specific proposal to the DPS Chair that outlines what is to be sponsored and what DPS can expect in return (a banner, booth, place for handouts, etc.).  The questions guiding sponsorship decisions may include:

  • What is the strategic value of the sponsorship to DPS?  What are the expected outcomes, either tangible or intangible?
  • Is this a community that is underrepresented in DPS? One we want to specifically reach out to? Do we think that there will be significant opportunity to recruit new members by sponsoring?
  • Is this meeting one that is especially scientifically important to the DPS community but is in tough financial straits?
  • Does the meeting cover a strategic area in which DPS would like to be more visible?
  • Is this an opportunity to repay a favor or obligation to another society or meeting?
  • What kind of visibility will DPS actually get for the sponsorship? Where will our logo be displayed? How will it be publicized?  What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

The DPS Committee will discuss all requests and decide if they are appropriate. Sponsorships will depend on the availability of funds.