Icarus Editors

The Icarus editor-in-chief is appointed by the DPS Committee. The editorial board consists of 6 members serving rotating 3-year terms. The editorial board members are appointed jointly by the DPS Committee and the editor-in-chief using the following process:

  1. The editor-in-chief brings the names of two candidates to the DPS Committee.
  2. The DPS Committee selects one of these candidates.
  3. The DPS Committee provides two names to the editor-in-chief.
  4. The editor-in-chief selects one of these candidates.

The Icarus Editorial Board holds occasional meetings over the year to advise the Icarus editor-in-chief. The board helps to decide policy on Icarus paper solicitations, reviewing, and publication. This occasionally involves reading papers or grant applications. The Board is asked to evaluate and consider the needs of the community in making these decisions, as well as considering what will keep authorship and readership high.

There are also editors and consulting editors who are appointed by the editor-in-chief. The latter are not listed here, but their names can be found on the inside cover of any recent issue.

Editor-in-Chief: Alessandro Morbidelli

Editorial Board

Julie Brisset2020-2023
David Nesvorny2020-2023
Paul Hayne2020-2022
Mark Wieczorek2020-2022
Jani Radebaugh2019-2021
Joshua Emery2019-2021


Past Editorial Board Members