DPS Publications Subcommittee

The Publications Subcommittee (PubSubCom) advises and provides independent oversight on all activities and topics pertinent to DPS publishing concerns, and also stays aware of issues in planetary science publications more generally. The Publications Subcommittee regularly reviews the publication policies of journals that the DPS endorses and supports.


The Publications Subcommittee existed as an ad-hoc subcommittee that came and went from existence over the entire history of the DPS.  In the years from the 2015 Fall DPS through the 2018 DPS, it was an ad-hoc committee that was re-established every year. In the spring of 2019, this subcommittee became a standing subcommittee.


There shall be at least 3 members, including the Chair. The DPS Committee shall appoint Publications Subcommittee members and the Chair as necessary.  If you wish to serve, contact any member of the Publications Subcommittee or the DPS Committee.


The term for members shall be 3 years.  Members can serve multiple, consecutive terms.

Current Publications Subcommittee Members 

Angela Stickle2023-2026 
Ellen Czaplinski2022-2025 
Alan Harris2021-2024 
Raphael Marschall2020-2023 
Betül Kaçar2020-2023 
Jason Barnes2019-2023Chair 2021-present


Past Publications Subcommittee Members