DPS Prize Subcommittee

The Prize Subcommittee assists the DPS Committee in selecting recipients for the DPS PrizesContact the Prize Subcommittee. The Prize Subcommittee consists of seven members. Six of these serve rotating two-year terms, with nominally three members appointed each year soon after the annual DPS business meeting using the following process:
  1. The DPS Past Chair brings the names of two candidates to the DPS Committee.
  2. The DPS Committee selects one of these candidates.
  3. The DPS Committee provides four names to the DPS Past Chair.
  4. The DPS Past Chair selects two of these candidates.
The seventh member is the current DPS Past Chair, who will coordinate the activities of the prize committee and act as its chair.

Current DPS Prize Subcommittee

Member Term
Catherine Neish 2024 Chair
Bonnie Buratti 2024-2025
Chrissy Richey 2024-2025
Juan Lora 2024-2025
Geronimo Villanueva 2023-2024
Lori Feaga 2023-2024
Carrie Nugent 2023-2024

Past Prize Subcommittee Members