DPS Federal Relations Subcommittee

The DPS Federal Relations Subcommittee (FRS) is dedicated to maintaining informational links between the DPS membership, the government agencies that support research, and the congressional committees that allocate funding.  Contact the FRS Subcommittee. The FRS is not a lobbying agent of the DPS. It exists to inform DPS members about the timing and direction of budgetary decisions to DPS members and to communicate the priorities of the DPS to government officials.  The FRS keeps the DPS membership aware of the status of the federal budget as it relates to solar system research and facilitates efforts by the membership to express their opinions to the government in a targeted and efficient manner.  The FRS also tracks the allocation of funds within agencies of importance to the DPS and keeps the membership up to date on issues.   One of the ways that the FRS informs the DPS membership is via the Public Policy pages. The FRS Officer is appointed by the DPS Committee, and serves as the DPS Liaison to the AAS Committee on Astronomy and Public Policy (CAPP). Typically, FRS members serve for three year terms, at the discretion of the FRS Officer. The DPS Vice Chair serves for a one year term on the FRS, and other committee members participate as desired. Subcommittee member duties include participating in one or more Congressional Hill Visits per year, monthly telecons, and email conversations.

Current FRS Members

Member Term Start Notes
Angela Dapremont 2018 FRS Chair 2022-present
Kurt Retherford 2014 FRS Chair 2016-2022
Louise Prockter 2023
Abhay Vidwans 2023
Colin Hamill 2022
Christine Ray 2021
Catherine Neish 2021 DPS Chair
Shannon Curry 2020
Diana Blaney 2020 DPS Past Chair
Ali Bramson 2019
Angela Stickle 2019
John Noonan 2019
Katie Gosmeyer 2018
Paul Hayne 2017 ex officio
Laura Woodney 2016
Britney Schmidt 2012 ex officio

Past FRS Members