DPS Education Subcommittee

The DPS Education Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing and setting overarching goals and policy for the involvement of the society in education. The Subcommittee exists to promote and facilitate the involvement of any DPS member in education, and to raise the level of understanding of the importance of scientist involvement in education within the society. While Subcommittee members may carry out individual education projects as they align with DPS education goals, the Subcommittee does not carry out all of the education programs of the membership. Rather, if any member of the DPS has an interest in education, the Subcommittee will assist them in identifying the appropriate resources and partners so that they can move forward with this work themselves. Education Subcommittee members are appointed by the DPS Education Officer, subject to the approval of the DPS Committee. Appointments may be for one to three years, with new members solicited from the DPS society at large as old members rotate off. The subcommittee is happy to answer questions, hear comments, and point DPS Members towards resources for their involvement in education; send them a message. (If your needs are more media related, check with the current DPS Press Officer.)

Current Education Subcommittee Members

Member Term Start Notes
Brian Jackson DPS Education Officer 2023-present
Christine Shupla 2019
Sanlyn Buxner 2017 Past DPS Education Officer
Dave Klassen
Tim Livengood 2023
Trudi Hoogenboom 2023

Past Education Subcommittee Members