Available Positions by Category

Title Position Type Institution Category Posted Date Application Due Date City State/Province Country
Postdoctoral Earth and Planetary Science Fellowship Post-doctoral or Fellowship National Air and Space Museum Surface Geology, Mars, Outer Planet Satellites 12 March 2023 31 March 2023 Washington DC United States
ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme Faculty (visiting or non-tenure) European Space Agency Space Physics, Surface Composition, Atmospheres, Imaging, Spectroscopy 7 March 2023 30 April 2023 Madrid or Noordwijk Spain or Netherlands Europe
Postdoctoral position in laboratory planetary science/astrophysics Post-doctoral or Fellowship University of Texas at San Antonio Surface Geology, Atmospheres, Laboratory, Outer Planet Satellites, Exoplanets 22 February 2023 27 March 2023 San Antonio Texas United States
Postdoctoral researcher, Mars rover science/operations and Mars data analysis Post-doctoral or Fellowship University of Chicago Surface Geology, Data Processing, Mars, Missions, Mission Operations 4 February 2023 8 April 2023 Chicago IL United States
Research Space Scientist, Research AST Planetary Studies Research Scientist NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Outer Planet Satellites 28 December 2022 Huntsville AL USA
POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER - PLANETARY SCIENCE Post-doctoral or Fellowship Southwest Research Institute Space Physics, Atmospheres, Orbital Dynamics, Theory, Observation 30 November 2022 San Antonio Texas USA
Orbital Debris Modeling Scientist Science Engineering Jacobs Space Physics, Orbital Dynamics, Modelling 10 November 2022 Houston Texas USA
Postdoc Martian Surface Processes Post-doctoral or Fellowship Brown University Surface Geology, Orbital Dynamics, Data Processing, Imaging, Mars 1 August 2022 Providence RI USA
Planetary Instrument Postdoc Post-doctoral or Fellowship Los Alamos National Laboratory Spectroscopy, Moon, Mars, Missions, Astrobiology 24 May 2022 Los Alamos NM USA