Available Positions by Category

Title Position Type Institution Category Posted Date Application Due Date City State/Province Country
Postdoctoral Scholar in Climate of Exoplanets and/or Mars Post-doctoral or Fellowship University of Chicago Atmospheres, Modelling, Mars, Exoplanets, Astrobiology 18 May 2022 4 July 2022 Chicago IL United States
Section Manager, Planetary Sciences Section Science Management NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Space Physics, Mars, Jupiter/Saturn, Missions, Astrobiology 10 May 2022 3 June 2022 Pasadena California United States
Postdoctoral Position in Planetary Astronomy Post-doctoral or Fellowship Caltech Observation, Modelling, Spectroscopy, Asteroids/Phobos/Deimos, Outer Planet Satellites 25 April 2022 20 May 2022 Pasadena CA USA
Tenure Track Position(s) Faculty (tenure or tenure-track) Lowell Observatory None Specified 4 April 2022 31 May 2022 Flagstaff AZ United States
Planetary Sciences Postdoctoral Researcher Post-doctoral or Fellowship Los Alamos National Laboratory Atmospheres, Theory, Modelling, Asteroids/Phobos/Deimos, Comets 29 March 2022 1 June 2022 Los Alamos NM USA
Postdoctoral position in Mass Spectrometry of Lunar Volatiles Post-doctoral or Fellowship NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Surface Composition, Modelling, Spectroscopy, Moon, Mission Operations 18 March 2022 1 July 2022 Greenbelt MD United States
Mars 2020 Postdoc Post-doctoral or Fellowship Purdue University Surface Geology, Spectroscopy, Geochemistry, Mars, Missions 3 March 2022 West Lafayette IN USA