Curtin University

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Department: School of Earth & Planetary Sciences (Space Science & Technology Centre)
Size: Medium
State/Province: Western Australia
Country: Australia
Degrees Offered: Array
Minimum GPA:
General GRE Required: No
Subject GRE Required: None
Recommendations: 2
Faculty: 77 (15 Planetary)
Students: 100 (15 Planetary)
Admission Percentage:
Nearby Research Institutions: CSIRO, ICRAR, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre
Contact Email: [email protected]
Fall Application Deadline: see Notes
Spring Application Deadline: see Notes
Admissions URL:
DPS Members:
Planetary Researchers:
Notes: Applications are taken at any time of year, but the application for scholarships is the end of July for a start in February (Southern Hemisphere school year runs from February to November). The minimum academic requirements include a year of research experience (in the form of a Bachelor’s thesis, an MSci, or an Honours degree) as well as a minimum academic grade point.
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