2023 DPS Annual Meeting: Dependent Care Grant Application

First Deadline: Monday, August 7, 2023; review of submissions will begin then; however, further requests will be accepted and reviewed, funding and eligibility permitting.

The DPS’s Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund provides financial assistance to qualifying members in order to facilitate their meeting attendance by offsetting costs for child care, elder care, spousal care, etc. at the meeting location or at home during the DPS conference. Dependent care needs for some DPS members to allow them to attend can occur for either in person or virtual participation. Therefore, the DPS Committee has reiterated its commitment to the support of DPS members who need some form of dependent care for them to attend DPS in either a virtual or inperson form.  Maximum grant sizes in the past have typically been around $250, but for the 2023 meeting are not yet set, and will be partly driven by the number of requests received and the size of the requests. Please note: eligibility is limited to DPS members at any level (determined at the time of the DPS meeting); if you are not currently a member, there is still time to join!

To apply, please fill in and submit the form below.  This information will be used by the DPS Professional Development Subcommittee to determine eligibility for dependent care subsidies to assist a member attend the DPS 2023 meeting, but will otherwise be kept confidential. 

Please direct questions to [email protected].