Gerard P. Kuiper Prize in Planetary Sciences

This prize is awarded annually (or less frequently) by the Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) of the American Astronomical Society.

  • The Gerard P. Kuiper Prize (hereafter referred to as the Kuiper Prize), was established by the DPS to recognize and honor outstanding contributors to planetary science. It is to be awarded to scientists whose achievements have most advanced our understanding of the planetary system.
  • For purposes of this prize, planetary science shall be understood to refer to the multidisciplinary study of our solar system and its members, as well as other planetary systems and their members, excluding work dealing primarily with the Sun or the Earth.
  • Candidates for the Kuiper Prize may be of any age or nationality, and need not be members of the DPS. While primarily intended to honor living scientists, a posthumous nomination may be submitted within one year of a nominee's death.
  • The recipient of the Kuiper Prize will be selected by the DPS Committee using such procedures as it may adopt. The Committee has the sole authority to select winners, as well as the option not to award the Kuiper Prize in any year, at its discretion.
  • The Kuiper Prize will consist of a certificate and a citation, accompanied (except for a posthumous recipient) by a cash award, in an amount to be determined by the DPS Committee. Under special circumstances, travel expenses in association with the presentation of the prize and/or lecture may also be supportable. In the case of a posthumous recipient, there generally will be no cash award, but reasonable travel expenses will be offered for an appropriate survivor to attend the DPS meeting and receive the prize certificate and citation.
  • The recipient of the Kuiper Prize, if able, will be invited to present a lecture on a subject of his or her choosing. This lecture will normally be given at a DPS meeting, but an alternate venue may be arranged by the recipient and the DPS Committee. The recipient will also be invited to publish a written version of the Kuiper Prize lecture in Icarus.
Kuiper Prize Winners
2014 P. Gierasch
2013 J. Veverka
2012 D. Strobel
2011 W. Ward
2010 J. N. Cuzzi
2009 T. C. Owen
2008 M. A'Hearn
2007 A. P. Ingersoll
2006 D. P. Cruikshank
2005 W. Hubbard
2004 C. M. Pieters
2003 S. J. Ostro
2002 E. Grün
2001 B. Hapke
2000 C. B. Leovy
1999 A. H. Delsemme
1998 C. E. Sagan
1997 I. I. Shapiro
1996 B. J. Conrath
1995 M. J. Belton
1994 J. A. Van Allen
1993 J. R. Arnold
1992 P. Goldreich
1991 E. Anders
1990 V. S. Safronov
1989 J. B. Pollack
1988 R. A. Hanel
1987 D. M. Hunten
1986 G. W. Wetherill
1985 F. L. Whipple
1984 E. M. Shoemaker

All DPS members are encouraged to submit nominations for the Kuiper Prize.