Past DPS Officers


H. Hammel 2013-present
R. Lopes 2012-2013
D. Britt 2011-2012
M. McGrath 2010-2011
C. Hansen 2009-2010
J. Lunine 2008-2009
R. P. Binzel 2007-2008
G. Consolmagno 2006-2007
S. A. Stern   (Vice-Chair only from Oct 2006 to Mar 2007,
resigned duties when he became the
NASA Associate Administrator for Science)
R. French 2005-2006
W. McKinnon 2004-2005
W. D. Cochran 2003-2004
R. P. Binzel 2002-2003
W. Huntress 2001-2002
M. Sykes 2000-2001
R. M. Nelson 1999-2000
D. K. Yeomans 1998-1999
E. S. Barker 1997-1998
F. Vilas 1996-1997
A. L. Cochran 1995-1996
R. L. Millis 1994-1995
M. F. A'Hearn 1993-1994
R. F. Beebe 1992-1993
C. M. Pieters 1991-1992
D. P. Cruikshank 1990-1991
A. P. Ingersoll 1989-1990
B. W. Hapke 1988-1989
R. A. Brown 1987-1988
J. T. Bergstralh 1986-1987
J. Veverka 1985-1986
L. L. Wilkening 1984-1985
J. A. Burns 1983-1984
C. R. Chapman 1982-1983
M. Belton 1981-1982
D. Morrison 1980-1981
T. B. McCord 1979-1980
J. A. Westphal 1978-1979
G. H. Pettengill 1977-1978
D. M. Hunten 1977
W. Baum 1976-1977
C. Sagan 1975-1976
H. J. Smith 1974-1975
W. M. Irvine 1973-1974
F. D. Drake 1972-1973
E. Anders 1971-1972
J. W. Chamberlain 1970-1971


A. Coustenis 2010-present
J. Spencer 2006-2010
L. French Emmons 2003-2006


A. Rivkin 2011- present
D. Blaney 2007- 2011
N. Barlow 2004-2007
M. McGrath 2003-2004


Note: Secretary/Treasurer position split in 2003

M. McGrath 2001-2003
A. W. Harris 1995-2001
F. Vilas 1992-1995
L. A. Lebofsky 1988-1992
R. L. Millis 1985-1988
D. P. Cruikshank 1982-1985
L. L. Wilkening 1980-1982
T. V. Johnson 1977-1980
D. Morrison 1971-1977
T. Owen 1970-1971

Press Officer

  Deputy Press Officer
V. Reddy 2010-present
S. Limaye 2004-10 J. Spencer 2001-2006
E. D. Miner 1999-04
N. G. Barlow 1993-99
R. P. Binzel 1989-93
R. G. French 1987-89
R. M. Nelson 1983-86
R. Greenberg 1981-83

Education and Public Outreach Officer

  Deputy Education and Public Outreach Officer
N. Schneider 2009- present
J. Grier 2006-2009
L. Lebofsky 1997-2006 L. Mayo 2001-2006
L. M. French 1993-97
M. P. Hanner 1990-93


The Webmaster is not really a proper officer at all, and the position was created in an ad-hoc manner in 1995 when public use of the Internet and Web sites were first being used to share information. The Webmaster is appointed by the DPS Chair and there is no set term.

T. Roman 2011-present
R. A. Beyer 2006-2011
H. B. Hammel 1995-2006

Feel free to contact the current DPS officers at any time with your concerns about DPS issues.