DPS Officers

The DPS Chair and Vice-Chair serve one-year terms, and are elected by the membership of the Division from a list compiled by the Nominating Subcommittee. The Secretary, Treasurer, Education Officer, and Press Officer are appointed by the DPS Committee; and each serves a three-year term. The Webmaster is an ad-hoc position appointed by the DPS Chair. The Webmaster is not a voting member of the DPS Committee, and there is no set term for the position.

Optionally, deputies for the Press Officer and Education and Public Outreach Officer may be recommended by the primary officer and approved by the DPS Committee. These positions are non-voting on the DPS Committee.

Current DPS Officers

Heidi Hammel

Chair: Heidi Hammel - dpschair@aas.org

Bonnie Buratti

Bonnie Buratti


Athena Coustenis

Secretary: Athena Coustenis - dpssec@aas.org

Andrew Rivkin

Treasurer: Andrew Rivkin - dpstreas@aas.org


Nick Schneider

Education and Public Outreach Officer:

Nick Schneider - dpsed@aas.org

Vishnu Reddy

Press Officer: Vishnu Reddy - dpspress@aas.org


Tony Roman

Webmaster: Tony Roman - dpsweb@aas.org



Past Officers