DPS 2005, Cambridge, UK



Many people consider Cambridge to be one of the most attractive cities in the UK. It is situated on the River Cam and has a rich historical, artistic, scientific and architectural heritage. The historic centre is compact and is easily explored on foot. The main sights, the market, shops, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, pubs, churches and banks are within a few minutes’ walk of the meeting venues and the college accommodation.

The faculty buildings of the university and the colleges are scattered throughout the city. [Map] There is no single university ‘campus’. The DPS and HAD meetings are in university and college buildings very close to the city centre.

To help you move between site venues for DPS 2005 we have created a series of movies to show you the way. Click here to access the list of venue movies.

The Colleges
The colleges of the University of Cambridge form a federation of independent educational organizations, each admitting and tutoring undergraduate and graduate students to a jointly agreed standard in a range of subjects. To read for a degree in Cambridge, you must be a member of a college. The colleges provide accommodation for students, but are much more than ‘halls of residence’ or student dorms. Each college, governed by its academic fellows, jealously guards its autonomy and individuality. The University of Cambridge website has general information (Cambridge life, travel to/from Cambridge, etc) and links to the websites of individual colleges.

Typically, colleges are built around quadrangles known as ‘courts’. They are enclosed by walls and gates, which are locked at night. Access is past the porters’ lodge (mostly open 24/7). These residential arrangements, and the general architecture of the colleges, derive from the monastic origins of the collegiate concept. Each college has its own splendid dining hall, furnished with long tables and benches or chairs, a library, a bar (usually at least one! with good value-for-money drinks available for cash) and specialized rooms for meetings, music and leisure activities. Most have chapels, those of King’s and St John’s being world famous for their choirs.

The DPS Meeting will be in two University buildings: the Faculty of Music (including the West Road Concert Hall) and the Faculty of Law. Both are very modern with excellent facilities. Both are located on the University’s “Sidgwick Site” and it takes about 2 minutes to walk between them. We have exclusive use of the Music School for the duration of the meeting. Posters, some displays, the internet café and wireless ‘hotspots’, mid-morning and mid-afternoon tea/coffee, the press rooms, and small meeting rooms will be in the Music School. The opening reception on Sunday evening is in the Music School, in the large foyer area for the Concert Hall. In the Law School we will use a large lecture theatre and a spacious foyer with informal seating.

Joint sessions of the HAD and the DPS will be in the West Road Concert Hall of the Music Faculty. Other HAD meeting sessions will be in the Umney Theatre in Robinson College, Grange Road, [Map]. It takes about 7 minutes to walk between Music and Robinson. HAD posters will be in the foyer area near the Umney Theatre. Tea/coffee will be served in Robinson during breaks in HAD sessions there.

Residential Accommodation is available in a choice of two colleges: St John’s and Robinson.

The University of Cambridge is a non-smoking environment, including the Music School and the Law School. So too is St John’s College, but not Robinson College.

Cambridge weather
English weather is famously variable both from day to day and year to year. Early September is usually pleasantly warm, and can sometimes be very warm. But you should also be prepared for cooler, cloudy weather and rain.