DPS 2005, Cambridge, UK

People and Contacts

DPS Local Organizing Committee
Simon Mitton (St. Edmund's College, Cambridge) [Chair]
Chris Clare (Hatley Event Management) [Administration]
Manuel Grande (CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
Paula Martin (University of Cambridge) [Webmaster]
Jacqueline Mitton (Total Astronomy Ltd) [Press, volunteers]
Ingo Mueller-Wodarg (Imperial College/UK Planetary Forum)
Paul Murdin (University of Cambridge/Royal Astronomical Society) [Financial/RAS liaison]
Carl Murray (Queen Mary, University of London) [Chair, SPC]
Margaret Penston (University of Cambridge) [Education and Outreach]
John Zarnecki (The Open University)

DPS Scientific Program Committee
Chair: Carl Murray (QMUL) [Solar system dynamics, planetary rings]
Mike A'Hearn (Maryland) [Deep Impact, Comets]
Fran Bagenal (U. Colorado) [Outer Solar System]
Kevin Baines (JPL, Chair of 2006 SPC) [Atmospheres]
Michelle Dougherty (Imperial College) [Magnetospheres]
Sarah Dunkin (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) [SMART-1, lunar science]
Therese Encrenaz (Paris Observatory) [Mars]
Jean-Pierre Lebreton (ESTEC) [Cassini-Huygens]
Sanjay Limaye (Wisconsin) [DPS Press Officer; Atmospheres, Education]
Richard Nelson (QMUL) [Extrasolar Planets, Planet Formation]
Phil Nicholson (Cornell) [Outer Solar System]
Iwan Williams (QMUL) [Comets, Asteroids]

DPS 2005 gratefully acknowledge the support of the following sponsors:

Royal Astronomical Society
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
Science Magazine
Cambridge University Press

HAD Contact
Peter Abrahams