DPS 2005, Cambridge, UK

Eating and Drinking

People staying in St John’s College or Robinson College have included in their accommodation packages set dinners on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. These dinners will be to ‘High Table’ standard, as enjoyed by the Fellows of the College, with an elegant service level. There is no refund if you choose to dine elsewhere. For those not staying in college, or who choose to go elsewhere, Cambridge has a wide variety of restaurants. For example, see:

Robinson College will be offering all delegates a range of good-value light lunches in the college bar. The indicative cost is about £5 ($10). We recommend this option for lunch for delegates who do not wish to explore the off-site options. The College bar will have local beers.

There are also two outlets selling drinks, sandwiches and snacks very nearby: "Nadia's", which is located in the lower foyer of the Law Faculty, and "The Buttery", which is on the same university site as Music and Law, just 2 minutes' walk away.

Cambridge is said to have more pubs per capita than any city in the British Isles outside Ireland. You might like to try a visit to the historic Eagle pub, where Crick and Watson first sketched the structure of DNA on a paper napkin, and which was a watering hole of Second World War aircrews. The Granta pub is near to the meeting venue and rents punts in which to venture on the river Cam, perhaps to Grantchester where Rupert Brooke wrote of the church clock that showed perpetually that it was time for tea. For locations and reviews see:
http://www.cambridgepubs.com/ or