Newsletter 16-41

Issue 16-41, October 18, 2016








As I pass the gavel to incoming Chair Lucy McFadden at today’s Members’ 

Meeting, I am struck anew by the breadth of pure science that you do.  

It’s been easy to get caught up in the details of the meeting 

organizing.  So it is particularly refreshing to see all of the great 

results and discussions taking place in Pasadena this week!


Particular thanks are due to this year’s Local and Scientific Organizing 

Committees, particularly LOC Chair Diana Blaney and SOC Chair Kevin 

Baines.  One of the special pleasures of the job as DPS Chair is to see 

so many great volunteers from our community working toward common goals.  

So thank you to the DPS Committee, our subcommittees, and to our friends 

at the AAS for all of your service.


For the future, this year we have worked through a deliberate process to 

establish meeting locations beyond 2018.  You heard from our EPSC 

colleague Manuel Grande on Monday that the 2019 DPS will be a joint

meeting with EPSC in Geneva, Switzerland.  In keeping with my promise to 

find cost-effective mid-sized cities in which to meet we have also 

penciled in Spokane, Washington for 2020 and Providence, Rhode Island 

for 2021.  Together with Provo, Utah next year and Knoxville, Tennessee 

in 2018 these choices will lower the total cost of meeting attendance 

moving forward.


It’s been an exciting year, and I thank all of you for having been given 

the opportunity to serve.  I hope to see you all at the Members’ Meeting

at noon today,


DPS Chair


Jason W. Barnes


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