Save the Date for the DPS 2021 Meeting

The DPS committee is planning to have a meeting in 2021, so please save the date: 3-8 October, 2021. The DPS Committee is working toward making a go/no go decision on whether to hold the 2021 DPS meeting in person in Providence, RI or as a virtual meeting (similar to the 2020 meeting). In conjunction with the AAS staff, we have established a schedule for making the decision in an effort to allow timely planning for the community and the meeting organizers. After receiving a final risk assessment from the AAS leadership, the DPS Committee will make a decision in spring, and this will in turn enable the AAS staff to complete necessary logistics work and negotiations. After this work by AAS is complete, we anticipate being able to give a final decision to the DPS community by late spring.


21 Feb 2021