DPS Elections 2023


You should have received your ballot on Thursday at the email address you registered with AAS/DPS. If you did not see it, please check your spam/junk folder and also check that your membership did not lapse.

LEADERSHIP: This year we’re choosing a new Vice-Chair and  two DPS Committee members. The Vice-Chair will become Chair in October 2024.

For more information about current officers and committee members, please visit the leadership section of the DPS website.

Information and position statements for the candidates have been collected into this single PDF; however, if you prefer the information separately, please click on each candidate’s name in this section. The same information is also accessible on your ballot.

Vice-Chair (one to be elected) 

DPS Committee Members (two to be elected; vote for up to two candidates)

NEED HELP? Please contact Diane Frendak at [email protected] or 202-328-2010 x109.