DPS 2012 Reno, NV

Presentation Guidelines

  • Meeting Presentations
    • Oral Presentations
      • If you have an oral presentation in Reno, you must upload your presentation to the Speaker Ready service. We encourage you to upload your presentation early at aasuploads.com. After your presentation has been uploaded, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive an email, please contact SpeakerReady@aas.org. If you have trouble uploading your presentation at the link above, please email it topresentations@aas.org with the session number, speaker number, last name, email address, and operating system.
      • All presentations for oral sessions must be submitted online or to the Speaker Ready Room, where they will be distributed to the appropriate presentation laptop by our technicians.
      • Each oral presenter is allotted 10 minutes total - approximately 5 minutes for the oral presentation, 3 minutes for Q&A, and 2 minutes for speaker transition.
      • When preparing your presentation, we suggest a maximum of three slides for a five-minute talk. Slides should be uncluttered and easy to read.
      • Practice a few times so the presentation fits comfortably into the five-minute slot.
    • Poster Presentations
      • Posters allow far more time and flexibility and are the default presentation type. Posters are ideal for using charts, graphs or detailed visual aids. The poster area serves as the meeting's social center.
      • Your presentation should fit within the 44" x 44" area. Poster boards are slightly different at each meeting and may be as large as four feet square. Pushpins will be provided.
      • Posters can remain up all week. Posters left up after the end of the meeting will be discarded.
      • A floor plan for the exhibit/poster hall is available.
      • When preparing your poster, remember to use bold graphs, photographs, figures, and tables. Include a title and the names of authors in large type. Text should be large enough to be legible from a distance of three to four feet, ~ 20 point font. Keep the poster simple and easy to read. For further recommendations read, How Do You Prepare A Research Poster? on the-aps.org website.
      • Consider posting a photo of yourself with your presentation.
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