DPS 2008, Ithaca, NY

Master Schedule

Note that several of these events are by invitation only.
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Friday 10 October Saturday 11 October Sunday 12 October Monday 13 October Tuesday 14 October Wednesday 15 October Thurs. - Fri. 16/17 October
All day events

James Webb Space

Icarus Editors


NASA proposal


8:30- 10:00 Talks 3x9 WGPSN Talks 3x9 Business meeting Talks 3x9 Talks 3x9 Astronomy Educator Workshop
10:00 -10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Astronomy Day at the Sciencenter Coffee Break Coffee Break School visits Coffee Break
10:30- 12:00 Talks 3x9 Ask an Astronomer Talks 3x9 Talks 3x9 Talks 3x9 Talks 3x9
12:00- 1:30 Meet the IAU NSF Town meeting PDS Rings Node Venus STD DPS Women Family Open House Green Conf. Int. OPW Lunch DPS Comm.
1:30- 3:30 Talks 2x12 Plenary Prize Lectures Talks 2x12 Talks 2x12 Field Trip to wineries
Registration 3:30- 6:00 DPS Comm. Posters Posters Posters Coffee Break Young women in Science
Power Systems Pluto & Triton Next Decadal SOFIA Talks 2x12
Reception Concert Public Talk Icarus Board Meeting Banquet NASA night