Dear DPS 2008 Poster Session Chairs,

Thank you for agreeing to take on this responsibility!

We will not have any formal training for poster Chairs at the meeting, but your job 
is fairly simple.  As background, the idea behind the "round robin" talks, pioneered 
at last year's DPS meeting in Orlando, is to give each presenter the undivided 
attention of others in his/her session for up to two minutes, during which the 
presenter summarizes the main results described on his/her poster.  This essentially 
serves as an "advertisement" for the poster, and interested listeners are encouraged 
to return later for further details.

The responsibilities of the Chair are to round up the other presenters and interested 
visitors to the session at the prearranged time--4pm on the day of your session--and 
guide the group from one poster to the next every two minutes, until all presenters 
have had their turn.  The most important job of the Chair will be to ruthlessly 
enforce the two-minute time limit.  Two minutes is shorter than many folks realize, 
and the Chair's job is to keep things moving and equitable by making sure everyone 
stays within this limit.  This will be especially important in sessions with a large 
number of posters.

Some small sessions on scientifically related subjects may wish to combine for the 
round robin talks, if the Chairs of each session feel comfortable with this.  Pairs 
of related sessions scheduled for the same day and located in close proximity within 
the poster hall, whose Chairs may want to consider this option, include:
10. History + 11. Exoplanets
14. Mars atmosphere + 15. Mars surface
29. Rings physical + 30. Rings theory
44. Galilean sats. + 45. Saturnian sats. + 46. Other sats.
47. TNOs + 48. Dwarf planets

Regardless, it is important that each round robin session, whether combined or 
individual, begins at *4pm* on the appropriate day, as this is what conference 
attendees will be expecting.

Thanks again for taking on this job, and if you have any questions before or during 
the conference, please contact me at this email address (  
I will also try to touch base with as many of you as possible during the meeting.

See you in Ithaca!
- James Wray, DPS LOC Member