Pre-Conference Poster Printing

We are offering optional poster pre-printing, delivery, and hanging this year. Using this service will make traveling easier and will ensure that your poster is up all week even if you are not there at the beginning of the meeting. Please be aware that this is not on-site or last-minute poster printing. The deadline for submission is Wednesday 8 October 2008, 5PM EDT. Those who show up at the conference with their posters on memory sticks will be on their own. 

Printing and delivery has been arranged with a local Kinko's office. This part of the service is between you and Kinko's. The DPS08 organizers have negotiated a product you may purchase from Kinko's that will work for the conference, but DPS and AAS are not parties to the purchase and cannot answer questions about it.

Once delivered to DPS08 by Kinko's, hanging the poster is DPS08's responsibility, presuming it complies with the two rules below.

Because of the potentially high volume and our limited volunteer staff, your poster and its submission must comply with the instructions on this page. We cannot work with individually-negotiated alternatives. If you need something different, you must print and hang your own poster.

Poster Requirements

  1. Size: 44"X44" (112x112 cm) or smaller. If it is larger, it will be shrunk to that size, preserving aspect ratio. Posters whose file formats do not give a native size will be expanded to fit within 44"x44" without changing aspect ratio. Posters with native sizes up to 44"x44" will be printed at their native sizes. Note that the cost is per square foot, so any scaling will affect your cost. We strongly advise using a format that embeds the physical (not just pixel) size, such as PDF or JPG. Note also that proofs will not be possible with this service, so using a robust file format such as PDF or JPG will help insure that the printed results match what you were expecting.
  2. Poster number in upper right corner: Your presentation number must appear in 2" (5cm)-high black, bold, sans-serif (e.g., Helvetica) numbers. The number must be in a white rectangle with a 1/2" (1.25 cm) margin all around the numbers. Do not put any pattern in the white background, and put no ink between this field and the top or right margins of the poster. It should look like someone put a white rectangle of paper over the corner with the number on it and nothing else. Be sure to check the number carefully as this is the only guide that will be used to order and hang the posters. Make sure your filename contains this number (see below).


The fee will be $6/square foot (about $64.59/square meter) plus 8% sales tax. Printing will be photo-quality (HP DesignJet or similar) and on matte paper.  Tax-exempt paperwork can be faxed or emailed to the store location below.

You may enter credit-card information in the Special Instructions box of the secure submission web site. [[[Alternatively, you may download this credit-card release form, fill it out, and fax it to the store.]]] Do not email your credit card information, even on a scanned form.


  1. DPS08 and Kinko's STRONGLY suggest that you submit the poster in either PDF or JPG format, as these are the formats most likely to produce a poster identical to what you created on your own computer. Kinko's can accept some other formats if you cannot produce a PDF or JPG, but the lack of proofing in this service makes other formats much less desirable.
  2. The deadline is Wednesday, 8 October 2008, 5PM EDT.
  3. Name your poster file in the form: DPS08-##.##-Name.ext EXAMPLE: DPS08-12.34-Smith.pdf
  4. Browse to

1.      In the "Online Services" menu, select "Print to a FedEx Kinko's".

2.      Click "Start Printing"

3.      Click "Start a new print job>>"

4.      Click "Browse" or just enter the filename on your computer

5.      Click "Add file to Job List"

1.      IF you are sent to a page that discusses page size, ignore it and click "cancel". This will take you to the "Add special instructions" page (whose warnings you can also ignore). Skip to step 6.

2.      Otherwise: Click "Set print options>>"

3.      Click "Add special instructions (optional)" (This is not optional for DPS08!)

6.      "Add special instructions" (This is not optional for DPS08!): Copy the following text to the box and fill it in. All fields are required. Entering DPS08 at the top of the special instructions and selecting our Kinko's location (below) is what associates your poster with this service. All automatic processing is then suspended and humans will handle your order. You also must agree to decline to see a proof of your print job.  Proofs cannot be accommodated remotely.

7.      Click "OK" to go back to the "Set Options for:" page

8.      Click "OK" to go back to the "Upload Files" page

9.      Click "Continue order"

10.   Select "Pick up at FedEx Kinko's" (don't worry, you won't have to pick it up)

11.   Enter "14850" for ZIP

12.   Click "Search"

13.   Select 1. Ithaca NY Downtown

14.   On the next screen, confirm the FedEx Kinko's Center is:

Ithaca NY Downtown

605 W State St

Ithaca, NY 14850-3343

(607) 272-0202


15.   Select Oct 8, 2008, or the nearest date to that possible

16.   Under Recipient, enter your First name, Last name, Phone, and E-mail

17.   Under Sender, check "Same as recipient"

18.   Click "OK"

19.   The "Place Order" page will tell you to contact the FedEx Kinko's center to arrange payment. Do not call them. You have already entered the information they need. Confirm that your name, phone number, and email address are correct. Confirm that your file name is correct. Ignore the other information under Order Summary; your submission will be handled as a DPS poster.

20.   Click "Place order"

21.   Save or print the "Thank You For Your Order" page to record your Order#.

22.   Click "Done"


The conference organizers will not be able to answer status inquiries about individual posters, but we will be tracking the process through the week before the conference. No news is good news.

Please don't bother Kinko's with routine status inquiries, but if you must contact them about something else (e.g., faxing tax-exempt information), their contact info is:

FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Services

605 W. State Street

Ithaca, NY 14850

(607) 272-0202 voice

(607) 272-2243 fax

Late Submissions

Please do not ask DPS08 whether you can submit your poster late; we will not answer such inquiries. You may call Kinko's.

Kinko's only guarantees printing and delivery of posters it receives by the deadline. They may or may not accept late posters, depending on their print volume. If the service is popular we will fill their capacity and then late posters will have little chance of being printed on time. Please help us make the best of this service by submitting your compliant poster before the deadline.

Other Services

Send no posters to DPS08 through anyone other than the particular Kinko's office above.